HERO™ Financing

The Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) has partnered with Renovate America to offer a new financing program to residential property owners to install eligible energy and water saving products.

HERO_Logo_RED_RGB1-270x123What is HERO™ Financing?

HERO™ financing is non-credit score based, low cost financing for energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems.  HERO™ financing is designed to assist residential property owners with reducing the energy and water usage of their homes by installing eligible products.  HERO™ financing is repaid through an assessment on a homeowner’s property tax bill over 5 to 20 years, depending on the useful life of the eligible product.

What Makes HERO™ Financing Different?

HERO™ financing has low, fixed interest rates and flexible financing terms (5-20 years).  Additionally, if you move, the payments are typically assumed by the new owner.

What Products are Eligible for HERO™ Financing?

A broad range of energy and water efficiency products, as well as renewable energy systems are eligible.  For a complete list, please visit:


How to Apply for HERO™ Financing:

Go to:  http://www.wrcog.herofinancing.com/apply

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