Is it Time to Schedule an Inspection for Your Furnace or AC?

posted by The Wells Company, 1 year ago

If you want to keep your heating and air conditioning unit in working order, then you need to consider the advantages of scheduling regular inspections during the year. Many homeowners don’t think much about their HVAC system until something goes wrong, and it can be frustrating to have your heater or air conditioner break because of something that could have been avoided.

Regular maintenance and repair is essential if you want to prevent bigger problems later on. Common problems with heating and air conditioning units can often be avoided if you are proactive with the care and maintenance.

Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional Inspection

There are some tasks that can be done on your own, such as changing the filter or cleaning the dust around the unit. It is essential that you change the filter on a regular basis to avoid problems with dust build-up inside the air ducts.

Even though there are maintenance tasks that you can do on your own, it is often beneficial to have a professional inspect the unit as well. A trained eye will be able to identify potential problems that you might not notice, making it easier to fix the issues before they get worse. Sometimes, you can avoid a costly bill in the future by taking care of a small repair right now.

Being proactive with the care of the heating and air conditioning unit in your home can make a big difference to extend the life of the equipment. If you want durable, long-lasting equipment, then you need to schedule a professional inspection on a regular basis.

How Often Do You Need to Schedule an Inspection?

The timing of the inspection can vary, depending on your individual needs. One of the best options is to have a professional look at the unit once a year, before you turn it on for the season. For example, when the weather starts getting a little cooler, then you can schedule an inspection before you turn on the heater for the season.

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